Amahl and the Night Visitors

The quintessential Christmas opera, Amahl is the story of a crippled boy who lives in poverty with his mother.

One wintry evening Three Kings, traveling with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh for the newly born Christ child, call at Amahl's lowly hut to rest and warm themselves. As they sleep, Amahl's mother is tempted to steal a little of the Kings' gold to buy food for Amahl. She is caught, but is pardoned by the Kings and told she may keep the gold, since the Christ child will not need earthly treasure. His kingdom will be built on love alone.

Moved, the mother returns the gold and declares that she too would like to send a gift to the child, but has nothing to give. In a selfless act of devotion, Amahl offers his crutch, and, as he steps forward to place it with the King's gifts, a miracle occurs. The boy's crippled leg is made whole. Convinced that what they have witnessed is a sign from God, the Kings invite Amahl to come with them and present his gift to the Holy Child in person.

3:00pm Sunday, November 30

Century II - Mary Jane Teall Theater
Adult: $25
Child: $15 (ages 16 and under)

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